We get to work with the most amazing clients - so many folks committed to growing great plants and fruit!!

Here are some of their stories: 



"Monica of Core Home Fruit has been coming to prune, and to teach James and I about our trees for four years now.  At each visit we learn more about caring for these valuable friends. The result is that our fruit trees are healthier and more productive then ever. Monica is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable."

— Kate 2017

“I had a new garden and no real knowledge about how to care for my three baby fruit trees (fig, persimmon, and quince) to encourage good reachable crops on attractive trees. I met Monica at a short class she taught on fruit-tree pruning, and it was clear that her expertise and clear instructions would help get them off to a good start.

In the past four years she and her team have pruned my plants and coached me in on-going maintenance of the trees as well as berry plants. Her expertise and clear explanations of the “why” and “how” have led to abundant crops and ornamental trees.”

— V. 2017

“Recently Monica was pruning some of my apple trees while teaching one of her new assistants, just standing there while they worked and talked, I understood more in those 20 minutes then I had gotten from books, articles, YouTubes, or classes before.

Monica has a way of making the why you prune simple and clear in a few words. My background included a lot of teaching so when I see a gifted communicator I just stand back and enjoy.

I'll still have Monica prune my trees, that's me being lazy, but at least now I know what's going on.”

— Tom 2017