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Espalier Fruit Tree Pruning Pop Up Workshop

  • 3923 Southeast Oak Street Portland, OR, 97214 (map)

Espalier Fruit Tree Pruning
Pop Up Workshop

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You've heard of Pop-Up Restaurants...come & experience an all new Pop-Up Espalier Pruning Workshop! 

Espalier is all about training & pruning your branches to stay put in an artful & abundant shape.

In this 2hr hands-on backyard class, learn how & when to properly prune espalier apple & pear trees! 

We will be working with some trees that need a good makeover! This class is perfect for anyone needing to prune imperfect espalier trees! 

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Join fruit expert Monica Maggio of Core Home Fruit as she details the straightforward techniques, tips & tricks on how to prune in the espalier method to maintain solid structure & maximize delicious harvest.

Hosted at a beautiful private residence, participants will get the opportunity to work with a variety of fruit trees...a great learning experience!

This workshop will also include tool sharpening instruction, so be sure to bring your hand pruners or loppers along & learn how to keep these important tools sharp and clean!

Other Details:
- Small class size to allow for personalized instruction from Monica. 
- All experience levels welcome. 
- Bring your hand pruners and loppers to use in class. 
- This outside workshop is held rain or shine - come prepared to work outside with gear to keep you warm/dry/cool no matter the weather! We recommend good gloves/boots!


Workshop taught by passionate and knowledgeable local fruit-growing expert Monica Maggio of Core Home Fruit.

“Monica’s ability to not only educate, but energize and inspire is a gift for sure.”
- Cinda 2015

“Monica has a way of making why you prune simple and clear in a few words. I understood more in 20 minutes then I had gotten from books, articles, YouTubes, or classes before.” 
- Tom 2017