Happy working outside since I was little!

Happy working outside since I was little!


My name is Monica Maggio and I am a fruit-growing expert and garden coach here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

I specialize in helping people grow great edible and ornamental plants at home!


In all of my work, I combine Permaculture principles, up-to-date university research, and 12+ years of practical on-the-job experience to help you successfully grow healthy plants and an abundance of fruit!

My goal is to strengthen our food systems and empower people and communities through the adventure of sustainable home-grown fruit.

It's not rocket science - my job is to take what may seem confusing and overwhelming, and break it down into simple steps that are effective and fun! You can totally do this, and it will be delicious ;)


Since 2005, I have been busy in the field as well as in the classroom. In those 12 years, I have worked with many 1000's of people and cared for a MULTITUDE of ornamental and edible plants! I have also had the pleasure to work and teach in partnership with the following local organizations:  

- OSU Master Gardeners
- WSU Master Gardeners
Portland Nursery 
- Treecology
- Portland Fruit Tree Project
- The Home Orchard Society
- Farmington Gardens
- Bullock's Permaculture Homestead
- Oregon Tilth
- Zenger Farm
- Hillsboro Brookwood Library  
Franciscan Montessori Earth School 
- Daybreak Cohousing