About Core Home Fruit

Hello! We here at Core Home Fruit love plants & people, enjoy learning, and dislike wasting our time! 

We also really like eating & growing our own fruit! 

But sometimes growing your own fruit can be confusing 🤔...and things like pruning a fruit tree can feel downright overwhelming 😳! 

We get it. And you are not alone. 

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Growing your own fruit doesn't have to be complicated - so we designed tools & techniques for growing your own fruit that are practical, easy to understand, and really work!!

And while there are some specific dos & don'ts you should know about, growing your own fruit is not rocket science! 

Our goal is to keep it short & sweet! 

Take a look at our fruit-growing videos, classes, and home services all designed to help you clearly know what to do, plus when & how to do it.

Let us help you turn your confusion into confidence & your overwhelm into empowerment. 

Now is the time to get outside & grow that garden of your dreams...you can totally do this, and it will be delicious!



About Monica

Hello, my name is Monica Maggio! I am a fruit-growing expert & garden coach here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am also the creator & owner of Core Home Fruit. 

I specialize in helping people grow great edible & ornamental plants at home!

Happy working outside since I was little!

Happy working outside since I was little!

Monica's Mission

In all of my work, I combine Permaculture principles, up-to-date university research, and 12+ years of practical on-the-job experience to help you successfully grow healthy plants & an abundance of fruit!

My goal is to strengthen our food systems & empower people & communities through the adventure of sustainable home-grown fruit.

Monica's Background

Monica has been busy in the field as well as in the classroom for over 13 years. She has worked with many 1000's of people & cared for a MULTITUDE of ornamental & edible plants! 

Monica has also had the pleasure to work & teach in partnership with the following local organizations:  

- OSU Master Gardeners
- WSU Master Gardeners
Portland Nursery 
- Treecology
- Portland Fruit Tree Project
- The Home Orchard Society
- Farmington Gardens
- Bullock's Permaculture Homestead
- Oregon Tilth
- Zenger Farm
- Seattle Tilth Children's Garden
- Hillsboro Brookwood Library  
Franciscan Montessori Earth School 
- Daybreak Cohousing